Reverse Osmosis

D&G Chemical and Trading Co.,Ltd provides industrial water treatment equipment and technical Support Services. We have unsurpassed knowledge and experience with membrane system including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Electrode ionization (EDI) and Microfiltration (MF) Ultra filtration (UF). Our systems and product are commonly used in

Application of RO system

High quality drinking water
Bottle water, mineral water, drinks, foods and etc.
Process water for electronics, chemical Industry and etc.
Water of pharmaceutical purpose , dialysis and laboratory
Sea water desalination
Water for boiler and cooling tower
Wastewater recycling
Drinking water for Hote


Automatic multimedia filter
Automatic activated carbon filter
Automatic Softener
Automatic chemical feeding unit MF,UF,RO,(15,20,30,50 beds

Make of RO membranes

Membrane replacement, Including:1-1/2”,4”&8* membrane option of RO system


UF filtration
UV disinfecting unit
.2 um mf unit
Automatic nuclear grade


Standard control panel
User - Friendly Interface