Water Treatment System

Water Treatment Production

The Company is a leading supplier of high performance industrial and process water and waste water treatment which is very important part of many manufacturing process. It often represents a significant Portion of the operating cost to produce finished goods. Optimizing these systems will yield significant increases in efficiency, resulting in lower operating cost and increased profitability

Industrial and process Water Treatment

Filtration and Sand filtration
Membrane Filtration
Reverse Osmosis
Softening (ion exchange, decarbonation)
Stripping (CO2) and aeration
Iron and manganese removal
Chemical oxidation (ozone, peroxide)
Disinfecting (Chlorine-Dioxide)

D&G Water Treatment Product line

High performance Coagulants
Dry and Emulsion Polymers
Antifoams and Defoamers
Odour Controllers
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Chlorine Dioxide


Laboratory test and analysis
Design and equipment supply
Consultant and training
After sales services